Marching Band

GFBLA was originally created as a marching band to represent the LGBTQ community at pride parades.

Join us as we hit the streets once again and celebrate over 40 years with this historic and dazzling group.

Whether you play an instrument, toss a flag, twirl a baton, or just want to volunteer, there's a place for everyone.

Contact us to learn more! We'll put you in touch with our Marching Band Artistic Director, Leonard Dootson, who will be able to answer any questions you might have.

The 2019 GFBLA Marching Band is preparing for another exciting year of PRIDE events and parades!  We welcome marchers, color guard, and twirlers of all levels.  Only interested in marching band?  No problem!  You do not have to be a regular member of the GFBLA Concert Band to participate in marching!  All rehearsals take place at the Crystal Springs Picnic Area in Griffith Park - 4730 Crystal Springs Dr. Los Angeles, CA 90027.

Upcoming Rehearsals and Events:


Saturday, April 27th, 10am - 1pm - Marching Rehearsal


Saturday, May 11th, 10am - 1pm - Marching Rehearsal

Saturday, May 18th, 10am - 1pm - Marching Rehearsal

Saturday, May 19th - Long Beach Pride Parade

Saturday, June 9th - Los Angeles Pride Parade 

For more information, please email Marching Artist Director, Leonard Dootson, at

Upcoming Marching Band Events!

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