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GFBLA Member Spotlight - Melissa Sublette


Melissa Sublette (she/her/hers)

insta: @frenchy.melly

a little about Melissa....

I started playing the flute in 4th grade and played throughout junior high and high school, including marching in the 1999 Rose Parade with Thousand Oaks High School. In college I took a break from band to focus on my studies but really missed playing regularly and the comraderie of being in a group. In 2012 one of my coworkers introduced me to the Revolution LA marching band after learning I played the flute. I met a few GFBLA members there, including Justin who encouraged me to come to a rehearsal when he was beginning to conduct for the band. GFBLA turned out to be exactly what I was looking for, a welcoming and all inclusive group where I could play and perform regularly. My first concert with the band was at the House of Blues for the 2012 Gay Games brunch, a venue I never dreamed I would get to play in. My other favorite venue without a doubt would be Disneyland. I've served as flute section leader since 2017 and look forward to being able to practice and perform in person again soon!

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