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Marching Director Application

GFBLA is announcing its search for a Marching Director to begin in the 2024 season to lead its Marching and Pep Bands! GFBLA was originally founded as a Marching Band back in 1978 as the Great American Yankee Freedom Band of Los Angeles. This year marks GFBLA’s 45th anniversary, and as GFBLA continues to grow, we are in need of a dedicated, enthusiastic musician looking to oversee and lead GFBLA’s historic marching band starting in the 2024 season. GFBLA’s Marching Band routinely marches in the Los Angeles and Long Beach pride parades. Our Marching Band is also regularly requested to perform at additional pride events throughout the year.


The Marching Director is responsible for coordinating the GFBLA Marching Band including recruiting members, selecting music, conducting rehearsals, identifying instrument needs, and other duties related to the Marching Band. The Marching Band marches in at least two parades and provides pep music for at least one community event annually. The Marching Director is part of the Artistic Committee which plans and produces all concerts and music events within the GFBLA organization. As an artistic leader within GFBLA, the Marching Director must build and sustain GFBLA’s visibility and involvement in LGBTQ+, allied, and other marginalized communities. The Marching Director reports directly to the Artistic Director and the GFBLA Board of Directors and is expected to work closely with both to carry out the job responsibilities and duties. For additional details about the responsibilities, duties and expectations of the positions, please refer to the GFBLA Marching Director Job Description. This position is paid at a rate of $21/hr, with an expectation of 3 hours of work per week on average.


Anyone internal or external to GFBLA is interested in this position with a background in music and leadership experience that meets the requirements of the job description. Marching experience and expertise is highly preferred.


The Marching Director Selection Committee will review all completed applications received before the deadline to verify that applicants meet the requirements of the job description. If an applicant is selected to move forward, applicants will be asked to submit a rehearsal plan, lead a full rehearsal (which must include both music rehearsal and marching technique instruction), and interview with the Marching Director Selection Committee. After conducting the auditions and interviews, the Marching Director Selection Committee will provide its recommendations to the GFBLA Board of Directors.


All application materials must be submitted to the Marching Director Selection Committee via email to by 11:59 p.m. PT on April 30, 2023.

The application consists of:

  • Cover Letter

  • Resume

  • Marching Director Applicant Questionnaire

Marching Director Applicant Questionnaire: In a separate, typed document, provide your responses to the following questions:

Artistic Goals & Marching Programming

  • What kind of artistic goals would you imagine for the GFBLA Marching Band?

  • Please design and describe the criteria and ideas behind the following sets:

    • a marching set of three pep tunes for the marching band, as if preparing for one of our parades

    • a pep band program with two pep tunes, as if preparing for a non-marching public engagement

Advancing the GFBLA Mission

  • In general, how do you feel about being a visible spokesperson for the band and the larger LGBT community? Describe any experience you have speaking in public and specifically about LGBT community concerns.

  • Describe some ideas for reaching out to the community and furthering the mission of the band.

Organizational Excellence & Additional Qualifications

  • What experience do you have working with a Board of Directors or other volunteer leaders? What have been the benefits of this and what challenges have you encountered? How have you used these benefits or addressed these challenges?

  • Do you have any other skills and abilities you feel are relevant to the position?


If you have any questions about the Marching Director job description, the application, the application process, or any questions in general about GFBLA and its marching band, please reach out to Someone from the committee will address any questions you may have.

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