The Gay Freedom Band of Los Angeles is grateful to its generous sponsors!

LA Country Arts Commission
This organization is supported, in part, by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles Country Arts Commission.

Visionary ($5,000+)
David Burch
David Chierchetti Estate
Bob Cross and Charles White Estate
David Doan
William Daniel Faure Estate
Alison Jordan and Fran Long

Director's Circle ($1,000+)
Davin Malasarn
Pieter Noomen
Mark and Christine Sanders

Musician's Circle ($500+)
Joan Clark
Rossano Galante
Justin Raines
Steve Szeszycki

Champion ($250+)
Timothy and Julie O'Donnell
Margaret Smith

Friends with benefits ($125+)
Lyn Ayal
Jim Scott
Michael Wickstrom

Friends ($100+)
Travis Hatfield
Amy Honbo
Jane and Dale Jordan
Brian Murphy
Troy Nethercott
Susannah Ramshaw