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Who We Are

Gay Freedom Band of Los Angeles

Founded in 1978, GFBLA is one of the oldest LGBT concert bands in the world. Originally named the Great American Yankee Freedom Band of Los Angeles, our group was created to promote visibility of the LGBT community and to provide entertainment at pride celebrations.


The scope of the band has since expanded, focusing now on providing a positive environment for everybody, enriching the community through music, and setting an example of acceptance and camaraderie among all people.

Our History

Throughout its forty years, GFBLA has witnessed many of the important milestones in gay history. Drawing from the tragedy of the AIDS epidemic and the battles for marriage equality and transgender rights, our musicians bring a deep well of experience to all of our performances.

Gay Freedom Band of Los Angeles Historic Photo 1984 Marching Band Pride

Gay Freedom Band of Los Angeles 
July 1985

Our Vision

Every person has the opportunity to contribute and express themselves musically while shaping the future of GFBLA by preserving our heritage, embracing positive social change, and sharing our talents, artistic excellence, and love of music with others.

Our Mission

The Gay Freedom Band of Los Angeles promotes acceptance and celebrates diversity by bringing together musicians from across Southern California for performance and educational opportunities that embrace equality, inclusion, and the love of music. 

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