Who We Are

The Gay Freedom Band of Los Angeles

Founded in 1978, GFBLA is one of the oldest LGBT concert bands in the world. Originally named the Great American Yankee Freedom Band of Los Angeles, this group was created to promote visibility of the LGBT community and to provide entertainment at pride celebrations.


The scope of the band has since expanded, focusing now on providing a positive environment for everybody, enriching the community through music, and setting an example of acceptance and camaraderie among all people.


Throughout its forty years, GFBLA has witnessed many of the important milestones in gay history. Drawing from the tragedy of the AIDS epidemic and the battles for marriage equality and transgender rights, our musicians bring a deep well of experience to all of our performances.

Our Vision

Every person has the opportunity to contribute and express themselves musically while shaping the future of GFBLA by preserving our heritage, embracing positive social change, and sharing our talents, artistic excellence, and love of music with others.

Our Mission

The Gay Freedom Band of Los Angeles promotes acceptance and celebrates diversity by bringing together musicians from across Southern California for performance and educational opportunities that embrace equality, inclusion, and the love of music.

Our Core Values

  • Member-Centered Philosophy: GFBLA was founded as a member-centered organization and continues to maintain this tradition.

  • Respect for People, Communities, and Cultures: We treat all people with dignity and respect by being aware of and supporting personal perspectives, values, beliefs, and preferences.

  • Commitment to Diversity: GFBLA is committed to diversity within the organization’s membership, leadership, audience, and supporters with respect to age, race, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, size, physical ability, economic status, and geographic location.

  • Acceptance and Inclusion: GFBLA requires each of its members to continuously ensure their interactions are respectful, protect freedom of speech, and inspire artistic freedom and expression.

  • Integrity Beyond Reproach: GFBLA conducts its business in accordance with the highest standards of professional behavior and ethics. We are transparent, honest, and ethical in all our interactions with members, audience, supporters, and the public.

  • Accountability: At the core of accountability is reliability and personal responsibility. GFBLA values the ability of our Board of Directors, Artistic Director, leadership team, Section Leaders, and members to honor our commitments. Members affiliated with GFBLA take responsibility for our work and make what is wrong right and to the greatest extent possible. Members, leadership team, and artistic staff are committed to being present at rehearsals and performances for the benefit of the ensemble

  • Creativity and Innovation: GFBLA is committed to providing opportunities for its members to challenge each other to continually learn and improve musically. We embrace continuous improvement, bold creativity, and transformation of challenges into new opportunities.

  • Performance: GFBLA is committed to providing members with challenging and innovative performance opportunities to entertain, celebrate, inspire, and educate its members and audience.

  • Service and Stewardship: Members are encouraged to volunteer their time, talent, and resources to support the cause of GFBLA and its community.

  • Pride: GFBLA celebrates our accomplishments and abilities when they are worthy of the praise. Pride is virtuous and is a rational evaluation of oneself.

  • Friendship: GFBLA celebrates friendship through the love of music and through the joint betterment of its members while promoting fraternity and musical growth.

  • Fun: GFBLA promotes a fun atmosphere during rehearsals to enhance the creativity of its members.