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Program Advertisements

GFBLA is now taking applications for advertisements in our concert programs!
Each year, GFBLA exhibits three programmed concerts with the opportunity for advertisement:
a spring concert, a fall concert, and a holiday concert. Advertising options can be purchased
per concert or for an entire season. Advertisements can be placed in our program for a
business, an upcoming event, or any other reason provided it meets our advertising guidelines.

Program Ad Sizes:
We offer three (3) program ad sizes: quarter page, half page, and full page. All printed ads are non-bleed.

Concert & Season Pricing:
We offer the option to purchase an ad for either a single concert or for the entire concert season.


Advertisement Terms & Conditions
Ad placement is established on a first-come, first-serve basis once final payment is received. 
After submission of a GFBLA Program Ad Order Request Form and fully realized graphic, the
order request will be reviewed.  GFBLA will directly notify submitters of the approval decision for
their order.  Upon approval, GFBLA will provide the submitter with detailed payment instructions
for submitting payment either online or via physical check.  Full payment and ad graphic must
be received at least 30 days before an upcoming concert to be included in the program or it will
not be published. GFBLA reserves the right to reject an order request if it violates any of
GFBLA’s Advertisement Guidelines or does not meet our Advertisement Requirements.

Advertisement Guidelines
The Gay Freedom Band of Los Angeles promotes acceptance and celebrates diversity by
embracing equality and inclusion in our organization.  Your ads cannot infringe upon or violate
the rights of any third party, including copyright, trademark, or privacy rights.  Ads should be
authentic and truthful about the service or product that you are promoting.

Ads must not contain or promote any of the following:

- Adult content

- Inappropriate language

- Hateful or derogatory content toward an individual or group of people

- Drug-related content

- Firearms-related content

- Violence

- Illegal products or services

- False or misleading information aimed to spread misinformation and disinformation

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